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Market wraps 7th June 2024

Weekly Wrap 7 June

Global markets posted gains in May, particularly in the US with the S&P500 and Nasdaq rising significantly. However, signs of a US economic slowdown, including cooling inflation and lower growth, suggest a potential rate cut by the Federal Reserve as early as July. Europe is also expected to cut rates due to moderate inflation. 

China showed economic weakness with declining manufacturing activity. Oil prices fell while copper remained stable but is expected to rise. The US's performance is crucial for the global economic outlook, and investors should maintain a diversified and adaptable portfolio.

In this week’s wrap: Sophia covers:

  • (0:11) how global markets performed in May
  • (1:57) trends in the commodity market
  • (2:29) the global economic outlook
  • (3:43) the most trades stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (4:14) economic data to watch next week.