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Market wraps 28th June 2024

Weekly Wrap 28 June

This week, the market witnesses a sharp reversal in the artificial intelligence driven rally. Investors are re-evaluating their portfolios in light of the approaching end of FY24 and Australia’s recent inflation data. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to hold rates at 4.35% was followed by hawkish comments, seemingly justified by higher-than-expected inflation figures. 

In this week’s wrap, Grady covers:

  • (0:43): what is driving inflation to remain sticky 
  • (2:24): an analysis on the unemployment rate 
  • (3:35): the impact of inflation on Australia’s rate outlook
  • (4:34): the best performing stocks on the ASX200 this week
  • (5:25) the most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients 
  • (5:55): economic data to watch out for next week.