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Market wraps 14th February 2020

Weekly Wrap - Jessica Amir

With positive sentiment now well and truly back in the market in the wake of the initial coronavirus scare, Jess looks back at historical market data from plagues of the past. The Aussie, U.S and European markets once again enjoyed record highs on not one, but two days this week. Could this be the roaring 20's once again?

In this week's video, Jessica covers:

  • A retrospective look at disease market impacts - or lack thereof (0:48)
  • The review of the century: the relentless ASX (1:03)
  • The weekly sectors report: finance is back in black (1:37)
  • The stock report: Breville boils its way to the top (1:53)
  • Spotlight stocks: AMP, CSL and CBA all upgraded (3:08)
  • What to look out for next week (5:37)