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Market wraps 25th February 2020

Morning Bell - Jessica Amir

We saw global equities fall sharply overnight on coronavirus fears with the Dow Jones seeing its biggest loss in two years, while Italy, one of the hardest hit nations outside of Asia, with 130 cases, saw its stock market make its biggest slide since 2016.

The selloff comes as the global central bank, the IMF said at the weekend global growth would be 0.1% lower this year, falling to 3.2%, in the wake of coronavirus. While it also shaved its 2020 prediction for China growth by 0.4%, to 5.6% on the back of the dire outbreak.

Companies reporting today include: Appen (APX), Alumina (AWC), Oil Search (OSH), Blackmores (BKL), Caltex Australia (CTX), Hub24 (HUB), QUBE Holdings (QUB), Spark Infrastructure Group (SKI) and Seek (SEK).