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Interview Series 23rd November 2022

Meet the Analyst: Olivia Hagglund, Bell Potter Analyst Part 1

View our brand new series: Meet the Analyst where Bell Direct's, Grady Wulff sits down and discusses stock recommendations with the analysts behind Bell Potter’s research.

Olivia Hagglund analyses stocks in the technology sector and discusses what’s important when valuing a company.

In this video, Olivia discusses:

  • (0:29) Her background as an analyst
  • (1:30) What approach she takes when analysing a stock
  • (3:21) What she looks out for when making a price target on a stock
  • (4:34) Janison's performance post pandemic
  • (9:00) What makes Janison stand out from an investor point of view
  • Note: This interview was filmed on 20 October 2022.