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Interview Series 14th December 2023

Meet the Analyst - David Coates, Senior Resources Analyst, Bell Potter

The resources sector has been an ever-changing space in 2023, given global macro events, geopolitical tensions and the green energy transition impacting commodity prices. To understand the gold rally and outlook for the coming year, Grady also spoke to Bell Potter Senior Resources Analyst, David Coates, to hear his expert opinion and house view on the gold price strength. David also covers what's in-store for gold in 2024 and some key stock picks that have caught his eye, heading into the new year.

In this video, Grady and David discuss:

  • (0:58) why gold has rallied this year
  • (1:58) the outlook for gold in 2024
  • (2:58) why Bell Potter have a Buy rating on two ASX-listed gold miners
  • (4:46) where to start, when investing in gold
  • (5:44) commodities on David’s radar in 2024
  • (6:34) factors predicted to impact commodity prices next year.