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Market wraps 30th January 2020

January Market Overview

The Aussie share market gets the biggest start-of-year adrenalin shot in 3 decades. The ASX holds firm with less unemployment & higher inflation revealed in Australian economic data. The U.S follows suit. Plus; healthcare is up, but the stocks leading the charge aren't those in the eyes of the coronoavirus storm...

In this weeks Wrap, Jess covers:

  • How was this the best start to the year in 3 decades? (0:16)
  • The epedemic isn't causing a pandemic in the markets... (2:32)
  • Best sectors: Healthcare's up in coronavirus' wake (3:53)
  • Stocks report: Polynovo rides the skin repair wake, Nearmap nearly falls off the grid (4:53)
  • What can we expect? (5:53)