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Interview Series 9th October 2020

How to stay ahead of the adviser pack

Jessica Amir caught up with Investment Trends' Research Director, Recep Peker to chat about how the top financial advisers in Australia are navigating the current economic environment. 

Investment Trends, a leading financial services market research organisation, surveyed financial planners to find out what changes they have been making to clients' portfolios since COVID-19.

In this video, Recep talks about:

  • (0:40) How tech savvy financial planners are ahead of the game
  • (2:06) The main questions investors are asking planners
  • (3:29) How advisers are adding value amidst heightened volatility
  • (4:29) What clients want: online access
  • (5:04) Who's ahead of the pack - trends among best practice advisers