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Interview Series 18th July 2023

From the helm - Oleg Vornik

In this instalment of our From the helm series, Bell Direct’s Grady Wulff speaks to DroneShield's (ASX:DRO) Managing Director and CEO, Oleg Vornik.

DroneShield is making waves in the capital goods industry through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company is an Australia defence manufacturer specialising in counter-drone technology, servicing military and intelligence, law enforcement, critical infrastructure and commercial parties globally.

In this video Oleg discusses:

  • (1:05) DroneShield's recent contract worth $9.9 million
  • (3:00) The company's mid-year performance
  • (3:55) The role they play in combating rising geopolitical tensions
  • (5:49) AI's role in DroneShield
  • (7:15) The Australian Defence Review's impact
  • (8:22) DroneShield's outlook and future plans

Note: This interview was filmed on 5 July 2023