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The managed accounts solution - a simple fix

The managed accounts solution - a simple fix

  • Is increased regulation and compliance stifling your business?
  • Is it getting harder to decide on which investments are best for your clients?
  • Are your clients demanding more transparency and more investment options?

Then get the professional support you need for your business and improve your client satisfaction. 

The Guided Portfolio Service (GPS)

Backed by Bell Financial Group, Bell Potter GPS is the next generation of managed accounts. It's a scalable portfolio modelling and rebalancing solution that saves you time and lowers your costs.

It expertly guides you to the best investment portfolio outcomes for your clients and supports you with automated tools to easily maintain and rebalance them.

Why we're different

Better outcomes for you and your clients

For you

For you

  • Access to professionally managed portfolios
  • Automatically generate ROAs on your letterhead
  • Invest in multiple portfolios with consolidated reporting
  • Simplicity for your business with streamlined and automated processes
  • Scale your business by rebalancing multiple client portfolios simultaneously
For your clients

For your clients

  • Access to diversified portfolios 
  • Save money for your clients with lower 'total cost of ownership'
  • Direct ownership of assets and improved control over rebalances
  • Customise outcomes for each client if required
  • Access to simple consolidated reporting via a client portal
  • Certainty of cost with one total fee

Six models to choose from

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How it works in 5 steps

Watch how Bell Potter Guided Portfolio Service works here

Demo 21st August 2018

Bell Potter Guided Portfolio Service (GPS) Demo